Meet Jess

My Story

As a graduate of Chichester University, I’ve lived in the area since the 90’s - and now, I’m just round the corner from my Mum. I feel really connected to Chichester and the people here.

Here is a whistlestop tour of where it all started, where opportunities have taken me, and how I have sought to give back

I was the first-born to my parents who were living in Norfolk at the time. My Dad was originally from central London and my Mum from North Wales. 

I've always been partial to a nice outfit and a photograph with plants! 

I was always a keen pupil from a young age, particularly reading and writing

Graduating from the University of Chichester, in front of Chichester Festival Theatre, was a very proud moment for me. I made wonderful friends during my time at University, but they all left the District shortly after University to find more jobs and more affordable accommodation

Sports in school never felt like it was designed for me. As an adult I have discovered a love of running, cycling and I am Captain of my netball team!

I founded a community choir in 2017 that has gone on to win awards in the Chichester Festival of Music, Dance and Drama and continues to bring joy to so many people, of all walks of life

I lost my Dad to cancer during the pandemic; but so important to raise money for the wonderful folks who helped to care for him

It was a pleasure to Chair MADhurst for 5 years, to increase the size of the festival and to  boost the economic impact for the businesses while making creative arts accessible to all. 

It was a privilege to be a vaccine service volunteer during COVID-19

How lovely to have my work during the pandemic with Midhurst Angels recognised at Buckingham Palace

I was so honoured to be one of the 25 Liberal Democrat Chichester District Councillors elected in May 2023.