Rural areas


The small towns and villages in our area are a great asset, but they are often forgotten in current council policies. We have proactive plans to keep rural areas vibrant and thriving.

It is vital that our rural areas are protected, but residents are not forced to live in the past.

Whilst the Liberal Democrats are keen to encourage responsible tourism, we do not support closed-road events such as Velo South. We believe that any event should be inclusive to locals, visitors and those of all abilities.


  • provide more support for local enterprises, shops and pubs;
  • promote true local democracy with less control from the centre;
  • keep rural schools and develop more collaborations and partnerships;
  • maintain and prioritise local buses;
  • fight rural isolation;
  • improve broadband for homes and businesses;
  • promote the Community Land Trust to enable more genuinely affordable housing in the National Park;
  • encourage open road-cycle events and local participation, and challenge closed events that make no effort to involve communities.


Dr Kate O'Kelly, current District Councillor for Rogate has worked on a number of schemes to help her rural Ward. Not only has she helped save bus services, she has also been working on a number of projects to develop new safe cycling routes.

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