Support the Lib Dems call for record breaking sewage pollution of our local rivers and harbours to STOP

Please add your name to our petition here and support the measures your Lib Councillors and Lib Dem MPs are taking to stop this practice.


What’s the problem? 

The current sewage system can’t cope.  

The water companies are owned by private equity organisations that syphon off their profits (to the point that the water companies are almost bankrupt).

Water companies don’t want (and can’t afford) to make huge investments in expanding the sewage infrastructure, so they abuse “emergency” measures to discharge raw sewage when the system can’t cope.

The Tory Government and Tory-led District Council refuse to challenge the water companies to clean-up their act.

Is it coincidence that the water companies are donors to the Tory party?


What are you telling the Liberal Democrats 

  • It’s disgusting!
  • Our drains can’t cope
  • Our wildlife is being poisoned
  • Our beautiful Area Of Outstanding Natural Beauty is being destroyed
  • Water companies are irresponsible
  • Why isn’t the Government doing something about this?
  • Why isn’t our District and County Council doing something about this? 

You may also find this press coverage of interest:


The action the Liberal Democrats are taking 

In October 2021, ALL Lib Dem MPs voted for an amendment to the Environment Bill that would have placed a legal duty on water companies not to pump waste into rivers and the sea – BUT the amendment was defeated because the majority of Tory MPs (including Gillian Keegan, MP for Chichester) voted to continue to allow this to go on!

Lib Dems have met with Southern Water on more than 20 occasions in the last year to push them to admit they cannot service existing Bourne homes, never-mind any new ones

In July 2021, Lib Dem Councillors put a motion that the Tory-led Chi District Council should require Southern water to declare they cannot support new housing developments – but the Tory Councillors voted against holding Southern Water to account.

The extent to which the sewage treatment works “servicing” the Chichester area and its surrounding towns and villages has been reported extensively in the press.

Here’s a chilling summary of the information in The Times 19/1/22   

And a perspective of just how bad this issue is our area compared to nationally –

The Rother and the Lavant are no.5 and no.6 worst for river spills in the country!



Andrew Kerry-Bedell is West Sussex County Councillor (Bourne) 

  • Local Nutbourne resident 
  • Chi Harbour sewage and environment campaigner 
  • Founder of Save Our Harbour Villages in 2019 
  • Created CHPAG website to fight rogue developers 
  • Chidham Neighbourhood Plan group volunteer
  • Launched a brand new FREE minibus service for local Bourne residents 
  • Driving WSCC to fight climate change and get Carbon neutral by 2030

Contact: [email protected] or 07899 741939

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