Julian Joy, standing for Chichester West Division

As we battle together the devastating consequences of the Covid-19, this year’s County Council elections are more crucial than ever.

This is your opportunity to vote for competent local champions who never take your vote for granted. Another four years of the Conservatives running County Hall would mean more of the same, a Council that doesn’t listen, seem to care or be at all competent!

The Council is proposing cuts including the closure of the majority of Child and Family Centres and all Youth Centres, and cuts to the public health budget. These would be extraordinary decisions to make in the middle of the pandemic when increasing investment in improving physical and mental health is key. Reducing support for the most vulnerable would be devastating.

To stop this, we need to put an end to the massive conservative majority. Liberal Democrats will increase investment in public health.

We will keep Child and Family centres open, invest more in cycling and rural buses. We will invest in local flood prevention and keep tips open. We will work to make life better for children with special needs, adults in care and their families, and we will make consideration of the climate emergency in all our decisions

Use your vote to support me and my team. We will work hard, care, and listen.

Julian Joy RIBA

West Sussex County Council candidate for Chichester West Division

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