Join the Lib Dems in demanding more Electrical Vehicle charging points in Chichester

The Lib Dems need local residents to make their desire for more EV charge points known to Chichester District Council

Despite the Climate Emergency, the Tory-led Chi District Council (CDC) has refused to join a county-wide initiative to install more EVCs in West Sussex - recommended by CDC’s own Environment Panel! 

There is a real danger that Chichester will get left behind and will not be as able as other cities to encourage cleaner, more environmentally conscious drivers to come to our area – as they will be less able to re-charge while they are here.

This is ridiculous!

Have your say - if you also want more EVC points in Chichester - then add your name here:



James Vivian is a Lib Dem activist in Chi Central 

  • Local resident
  • Passionate about the environment 
  • Fights for sustainable transport solutions
  • Welcomes other young campaigners to get involved in local politics – and make a difference!

Contact: [email protected] or 07472 495802

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