City Council unanimously support Lib Dem 20isPLENTY initiative

City Council unanimously support Lib Dem 20isPLENTY initiative

Liberal Democrats delighted with City Council support for 20mph default

Yesterday Cllr Corfield’s motion calling for a City-wide 20mph default speed limit where people and vehicles mix was debated and unanimously agreed at Chichester City Council.  This initiative is well supported by Chichester residents everywhere, though the myths about journey times, non-compliance and emissions from slower cars still abound.

‘I am very pleased indeed to have put the case for this initiative and won the support of every member present at yesterday’s Council,’ said Cllr Corfield. 

‘This is the first major milestone in my efforts to answer residents calls for safer, healthier, more pleasant roads for all of Chichester’s road-users.

‘We know how calmer traffic in urban settings gives us multiple benefits and they do this with a negligible effect on journey times.

‘City Council support means I can now take this initiative forward, co-ordinate a plan and call for its implementation.  There are more hurdles to come, but with the strength of this backing, I am confident we can make a good case at each of them.’

You can contact Cllr Corfield at [email protected] for more information or to offer support in taking the ‘Safer Roads’ campaign forward.

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