2022 March


Adrian Moss

District Councillor for Harbour Villages


  1. Inadequate and non-sustainable TRANSPORT & poor INFRASTRUCTURE
    • Supported launch of new “Bourne – free - Community Bus”  Training session and met drivers at Thorney Island.  Andrew Kerry-Bedell (Lib Dem County Councillor: Bourne) was instrumental in founding and securing support and finance for this much-needed service.
    • Updated on Culture Spark (Chichester’s Season of Culture 2022 ) by Officers 
      • Attended Bosham Association Annual General Meeting with Julian Joy (Lib Dem County Councillor: Chi WEST). Responded to questions on planning, water quality in harbour and 20mph proposals
      • Supported Bill Brisbane (Lib Dem District Councillor Chi EAST) in production of 20mph District Council motion. Motion won
      • Undertook investitive work on the former House of Fraser store site and how this can be progressed to occupancy. Spoke directly with the representative of the owners.
    • Met with various business leaders in Chichester District. Follow up meetings being arranged to discuss sustainability, business opportunities and community support.
  2. Inappropriate HOUSING Development

    • Attended catch up meeting with District Council Officers, discussed District Council developments in District, Affordable and Social housing challenges.
    • Discussed with Officers best way forward to maximise Affordable Housing in sites in District. Undertaking research via other Councillors and Local Government Association
    • Discussed Custom and Self Build with interested residents and promoted policy to officers
    • Worked in conjunction with Chidham and Hambrook Parish Council to object to planning application for 26 houses outside the settlement area. Plan refused by decisive vote against Officer recommendation
    • Attended meetings over concerns with lack of enforcement action concerning District and West Sussex Councils 
    • Met with local development company for update and response to concerns on sites
    • Site visit to new development in ward as response to residents’ concerns. Met with residents on site
    • Attended Bosham Association Annual General Meeting with Julian Joy (Lib Dem County Councillor: Chi WEST). Responded to questions on planning, water quality in harbour and 20mph proposals
  3. Environment

    • Worked up Chi District Council Budget amendments with Lib Dem Councillors and wrote Landscape Officer Amendment.  Lib Dem Amendments all won
    • Attended West Sussex Climate Change Board as Conservancy representative
    • Supported Bill Brisbane (Lib Dem District Councillor Chi EAST) in production of 20mph District Council motion. Motion won
    • Attended Bosham Association Annual General Meeting with Julian Joy (Lib Dem County Councillor: Chi WEST). Responded to questions on planning, water quality in harbour and 20mph (inc. air quality benefits) proposals
    • Met with various business leaders in Chichester District. Follow up meetings being arranged to discuss sustainability, business opportunities and community support.


  • Started work with local Ukrainian charity and co-ordination of local communities’ activity
  • Attended catch up meeting with District Council Officers, discussed District Council response to Ukraine crisis, developments in District, Affordable and Social housing challenges.
  • Attended launch of Bosham 4 Ukraine. Agreed to assist with finding jobs and contact with Chichester College. 

As Opposition Group Leader: Chichester District Council 

  • Electric Refuse Vehicles - Attended Cabinet to raise concerns over lack of scrutiny by Councillors with purchase of electric refuse vehicles. Provided positive feedback from Officers that Councillors will be invited to Depot for review
  • Attended Chichester College and District Council Food and Drink event as Leader of the Opposition. 
  • Attended Parish Council meetings in Bosham, Donnington, Fishbourne and Chidham and Hambrook


Andrew Kerry-Bedell

County Councillor for the Bourne Division

  • Water quality - Chi Harbour water quality monitoring buoy company Litmus
  • Storm sewage overflows - chaired meeting with SW, EA and local Councillors
  • Bourne Bus - revise timing and routes to accommodate 20 local Parish stops 
  • Bourne Bus - theory and MIDAS training for eight volunteer minibus drivers
  • Bosham sewage works - visit to review 40% annual storm overflow increase
  • Southbourne Junior school - requested £10,000 for disabled access toilets
  • Compton, Stoughton and Marden - resolved seven Highways related issues
  • ChEmRoute - finalisation of new design principles for National Highways



Anne Scicluna

City Councillor for Chichester Central

  • Attended City Council’s Civic Award ceremony and presented three citations – some very worthy recipients
  • Attended and took part in two meetings of the City Council Planning and Conservation Committee
  • Meeting of Conservation Area Advisory Committee as City Council representative and spoke on several topics
  • Took part in committee meeting of Friends of Valletta friendship committee as City Council representative, helping organise talks/events
  • Chaired City LibDem councillors’ meeting regarding the selection of Mayor for next year
  • Helped to plant a tree in Bishop’s Palace Garden as member of Conservation Area Advisory Committee
  • Took part in City Council in Committee meeting when the Mayor and Deputy Mayor for 2023 was selected – both LibDems
  • City Community Affairs Committee where UK Harvest, Community Wardens, Paving in the city, and other topics were discussed
  • Attended AGM of Friends of Chartres as City Council representative, and elected as Chairman
  • Wrote several letters and telephone calls to CDC and WSCC regarding residents’ parking in the Pallants and central Chichester locations
  • Visited County Hall re the above, expressing concern that Central residents do not receive the same consideration, despite paying very high tax
  • Visited and spoke in confidence to CDC lawyer re concerns of citizens

Bill Brisbane

District Councillor for the Chichester East Ward

  • Attended planning committee on 2nd March and made decisions on five applications. Spoke against the development of the Chas Wood Nurseries site in Bosham.
  • Attended Budget Council meting and spoke in favour of the appointment of a landscape officer.
  • Attended Special Council meeting and proposed a motion to reduce traffic speeds and promote active travel, which was agreed unanimously.
  • Attended planning Committee on 21st March and decided on three applications and argued the case for provision of a pedestrian refuge on Bognor Road to be provided as part of the redevelopment of the Bartholomew’s industrial site.
  • Attended a site meeting with Hyde Housing officers in order to resolve a long running dispute.
  • Engaged in town planning management training meeting relating to The Habitats Regulations, Nitrate Neutrality and Water Neutrality.


Cherry Hughes

City Councillor for Chichester East

  • Tues 1st March attended civic awards and read a citation as mayoress
  • And volunteered at our community coffee club. 
  • 3rd March volunteered with community garden group to welcome St Ants school
  • 4th March welcomed mother Martha to mayor's parlour to talk about the archbishop Justin welbys charity.
  • 6th March attended the archbishops service at the cathedral, and welcomed him as the mayoress.
  • 7th March attended the friends of Valletta meeting as ccc rep. 
  • 8th March volunteered at community coffee club. 
  • 9th March attended full council in Committee meeting. 
  • 10th March attended Bishop luffa school show Oliver, as mayoress. 
  • 12th March volunteered at community breakfast club, helped cook 36 breakfasts.
  • 15th March volunteered community coffee club. 
  • 17th March restarted the community garden club that I head up, 
  • 19th March attended the theatre music, dance and speech awards show as mayoress. 
  • 21st March attended ex meeting and community affairs meeting. 
  • 22nd March attended the friend's of chartes AGM as mayoress. 
  • 23rd March welcomed the Georgian group visit to the mayor's parlour and council house as mayoress.
  • 26th March attended allotment association AGM. 
  • 29th March volunteered at community coffee club and AGM for the spring group, as vice chair.


Clare Apel

District and City Councillor for Chichester West

  • 1.3 Cabinet a.m. Visit with a couple in my ward whose child has been taken away. Chichester City Civic Awards in the evening.
  • 2/3 Audit and Risk committee at Pallant House Gallery. I am the CDC trustee rep on the board.
  • 3/3 Planning and Conservation at City Council.
  • 4/3 Chaired premises meeting at Parklands School where I am a governor
  • 8/3 CDC council meeting all afternoon
  • 9/3 Chichester City council meeting. School curriculum meeting at Parklands
  • 11/3 Chaired Chichester Marks Holocaust Memorial Day meeting
  • 14/3 – 18/3 Suffered with covid. Managed to do a zoom West of Chichester meeting on Monday, a recorded CDC council meeting on Tuesday, a zoom Overview and Scrutiny meeting on Thursday. In the afternoon a zoom Welfare Trust meeting.
  • 21/3 Special meeting of City Council and then chaired Community Affairs City meeting.
  • 22/3 Chaired Overview and Scrutiny meeting at CDC
  • 25/3 Trustee Board Meeting at Pallant House Gallery
  • 28/3 Business Routing Panel CDC evening Neighbourhood Plan meeting
  • 29/3 Zoom meeting with Parklands school. In the evening went to launch of Culture Spark in Chichester Cathedral
  • 30/3 Stonepillow Away Day I am a trustee. Meeting with secretary of Chichester Welfare Trust

David Rodgers

District Councillor for Harbour Villages

David Rodgers

  • 1) Attended and spoke at CDC Planning Committee Meeting supported Chidham & Hambrook Parish Council opposing a planning application for 26 houses. Plan refused by a decisive vote against officer recommendation.
  • 2) Visited Chidham Primary School (where I am a School Governor) spent time in 2 classes, first talking to the whole class then the class teacher and then taking 2 children aside to talk to them about Maths, what they were learning and what they liked about maths! After this I chatted to The Head Teacher.
  • 3) Met up with a group of residents that had phoned me to talk about the problem they were having getting their rubbish collected, They all live in a dead end road where cars park on both sides of the road making it impossible for the rubbish lorry to get to them! I spent several days on this one talking to the rubbish people at CDC, The parish council, the housing association, WSCC including Andrew Kerry Bedell and finally got success having their rubbish collected, I have a plan to solve this problem permanently!
  • 4) Helped organise 3 local events with local residents. A duck race for Easter, A Ukrainian Benefit Gig at the village hall and a Queen’s Jubilee Event.

Craig Gershater

City Councillor for North ward

  • 02 Mar: Attended and assisted (business consultancy ideas) Chichester North Neighbourhood Plan mtg held at Chi Rugby Club
  • 0 9Mar: Attended and contributed to CCC LibDem Gp mtg wrt imminent Council in Committee mtg
  • 09 Mar: Attended and nominated Cllr Julian Joy for Mayor of Chi.  Elected to post of CCC Bailiff for second year running.
  • 16 Mar: Attended my 1st mtg of Joint Council of Governors and Board of Directors of Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust (SCFT).  Only designated LibDem member on SCFT - interested in representing Chichester NHS related issues, also interested in helping with metric-driven strategic planning for county-wide NHS Trust.
  • 18 Mar: On Chichester Community Network Zoom discussing local response to war in Ukraine.
  • 19 Mar: Attended and participated in Chi LibDem Workshop
  • 21 Mar: Attended and contributed to CCC Community Affairs mtg.  Offered services(as German speaker and qualified Blue Badge Tourist Guide) with forthcoming putative friendship links with Speyer, Germany.
  • 31 Mar: Attended and contributed to CCC Planning and Conservation Working Gp by Zoom
  • 31 Mar: Attended social event ‘An Evening with Vince Cable’ Petworth


Gareth Evans

District Councillor for the Loxwood ward

  • Met with several Hyde residents who have a range of issues because of their poor service
  • Posed a question to SLT at the Cabinet meeting regarding the highly unsatisfactory service provided by Hyde.
  • Met with Louise Rudziak (Director Housing and Communities) who has agree to take my many concerns back to Hyde and will report back to me.
  • Attended Special Budget meeting and took part in successfully voting through the two Lib Dem Motions
  • Attended a Governors meeting at Loxwood Primary School in my capacity as a School Governor
  • Attended my regular weekly meetings with Loxwood’s Stop the Claypit Group. A group I helped to set up and have been meeting with since the summer of 2020.
  • Held District Councillor Surgeries at Ebernoe and Loxwood
  • Volunteered at the Wisborough Green Market


John-Henry Bowden

District Councillor for the Chichester West Ward

    • 2nd March at Planning Committee we considered the Application for West Of Chi Strategic Development's Local Centre. I raised some dozen questions about the Application and secured an additional condition about conserving the site for the Medical Centre.
    • 8th March Full council Budget meeting. I supported the Lib Dem Amendments and raised a question about the 2022-23 Planning Budget. Obtained a public re-assurance from the Cabinet Member that it will be sufficient to bring us to the Consultation Stage within the financial year, and an undertaking from the Finance Director to give the figures in a more comprehensible form next year.
    • 9th March Represented CDC at the Goodwood Aerodrome Consultative Committee where the Planning Appeal for Raughmere Farm was debated in detail - result awaited.
    • 14th March Represented Lib Dem CD Cllrs at the Official Opening of the new Temporary Accommodation for Homeless, at Freeland Close - a 1st Class project of the Council. If you looked carefully enough, you could just see me in the back of one of the press photos!
    • 15th March attended CDC Full Council, and spoke against, and (in the COVID absence of Clare Apel) was the only one to vote against, the grant of Community Infrastructure Levy to extend Langley House Surgery, when it should be spent on the Medical provision at W of Chi Local Centre. This was reported in Chi Obs.
    • 21st March CDC Planning Committee. Spoke against the Application from Bellway Homes for the final parcel at the old Bartholomew's site. Proposed, and obtained the vote in favour of, the motion to Defer the decision to obtain more information and undertakings from the Applicant.


Jonathan Brown

District Councillor for Southbourne ward

  • CDC Budget: successfully got two important Lib Dem amendments accepted: the employment of a Landscape Officer (to proactively plan to retain and improve habitats and help enforcement) and a Sustainable Growth Officer (to bring more money to the area to assist with transitioning to a lower carbon economy, to create jobs and help local organisations meet climate emergency goals).
  • CDC Full Council: I supported the Infrastructure Business Plan allocation of £450,000 to expand Southbourne GP Surgery (to accommodate a growing population).
  • CDC Boundary Review Panel (& Full Council): defended inclusion of undivided Manhood Peninsula in the constituency; made the point that there are many ways to make our elections fairer and more representative, but the national government is attempting to gerrymander constituencies with negative consequences for community representation.
  • CDC Governance Review, Corporate Governance & Audit Committee: I argued for the retention of time for public Questions to the Executive at Full Council meetings.
  • Attended the ‘Net Zero Go for Local Government’ Launch Webinar: learned about a new tool for sharing best practice among Councils willing to treat the climate emergency with the urgency it demands.
  • Southbourne Parish Neighbourhood Plan: continued to work with officers and consultants to defend Southbourne’s ability to plan its future. Completed two applications for technical support ‘grants’ from Locality.
  • ‘Case Management Conference’ for the Four Acres (Cooks Lane) Planning Appeal: representing the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group I made a forceful case for the importance of local communities being able to plan settlement growth. Working with the Parish Council, Development Partners, CDC officers we persuaded the applicants to withdraw their appeal, so the decision to refuse them permission stands.
  • Glebe House Anniversary: toured the home, chatted with staff and residents about the challenges they’ve faced during lockdown and all the good work that is currently ongoing.
  • Lib Dem National Conference Policy Debate on ‘A Sovereign Ukraine’ (13th march): I called upon the experience of Syrians to make the case for providing robust support to Ukrainians fighting for their freedom and in defence of the democratic West. (You can watch the debate here. I am speaking from 27:05.)


Julian Joy

County Councillor (Chichester West division) and City Councillor (Chichester West ward)

  • Attended CCC full council
  • Voted to take role as Mayor of Chichester May 2022-2023
  • Attended planning committee for wscc
  • Attended planning committee for CCC
  • Continued design aspirations and specifications to get a carbon neutral town hall by 2030.
  • Visited Fulham to see the new local residents camera controlled access zone for Westgate RA
  • Attended Parklands RA
  • Attended Bosham AGM
  • Submitted a paper on how GP surgeries are calculated for chichester for the issue in White House farm housing estate health centres removal from the scheme.
  • Submitted a design statement for the city centre issues of the precinct pavement
  • Continued involvement for ChEm cycle and pedestrian route
  • Pursuing resolution for flooding in Funtington.
  • Creating branch of my charity Business2schools to get free laptops etc for Ukraine refugees
  • Working on creating Footpath for residents in fishbourne safe access along the dangerous route of Clay lane.
  • Attended WSCC finance meeting


Kate O’Kelly

County Councillor (Midhurst division) and District Councillor (Harting ward)

  • Health and Adult social care committee – we scrutinised the move of some neonatal services to QA – I questioned whether this could be a downgrade for Chi – but overall agreed that for this v specialised service it is appropriate to commission this in a specialist tertiary centre
  • CDC Full Council – questioned the rationale for spending CIL money expanding a City Centre GP practice – I had worked there and know how unsuitable it is – press coverage of all our comments on this.
  • Spoke on our motion on more flexible speed limits including 20mph - it was agreed.
  • Asked a question to the Cab member for the economy what he is doing to get more growth deal money for Chi District
  • Briefing on Midhurst Greenway with officers from WSCC – good outcome after difficult negotiations – officers have listened to the community and we have succeeded in a redesign which could achieve traffic calming and 20mph in the old town in addition to the original scheme. Collaboration in action.
  • Helped resident who has offered accommodation with jobs for Ukrainian refugees to contact the community teams at both councils
  • Attended Rogate PC - discussed recent poor ambulance response time. Waiting to hear back from SECAMB – plan to raise this with Cab member for public health re sharing facilities for ambulance crews at Midhurst Fire Station – Fire service are open to this.
  • Scrutiny session at WSCC - brought up the issue of rurality - it affects broadband, transport, and emergency services. Important issue that needs addressing.
  • Attended Midhurst Vision meeting with all stakeholders - Deacon landscape architects presented their ideas - exciting and innovative!  
  • Attended Midhurst Fire Station – celebration of GRIT course a 3-week resilience course for year 7-9 olds not thriving in an academic environment – evidently inspirational course and good use of Fire and Rescue education money – gave this my strong support by talking to all the staff including dep chief of the fire service.  Of note, WSCC Tories have cut The Fire Break (another educational course) 
  • Drop-in surgery at Milland – discussed HGVs cutting through villages,  speeding,  genuinely affordable housing – the lack of it in rural villages - young people can’t afford to stay and finally bank charges for small charities – signposted them to VAAC very useful resource.


Maureen Corfield

City Councillor for Chichester North

  • Delighted to give the citation for the Young Persons Award for Chichester City’s Civic Awards Ceremony at the Cathedral. 
  • Facilitated Chichester North’s workshop to gather the ideas our Organisations have for inclusion in the Neighbourhood Plan.  For those organisational representatives that couldn’t attend on the day, wrote a paper-based alternative.  Wrote up results of the workshop and written replies.  Delivered the raw data to the NP Chair for inclusion in analysis stage of the process. 
  • Wrote the ‘Planning’ section of the PLACE assessment for the Oaklands patch of North Ward.  Assisted other PLACE assessors in the production of the other sections of the PLACE assessments exercise for the Neighbourhood Plan. 
  • Celebrated the completion of The Chapel at Graylingwell at their opening event. 
  • Liaised with those involved in expanding the call to roll out an urban 20mph default across the County.  Drafted presentation for other Parish Councils who might want to consider the idea for their locality. 
  • Recruited volunteers for new Speed Watch Group in Chichester North.  Organised, facilitated and participated in the online and in-person training and volunteered for the first session on the road. 
  • Made myself available for residents, in person, at events, on the phone and via email. Had conversations with local individuals and various members of local Residents’ Associations and responded to their requests or queries.


Richard Plowman

District Councillor for the Chichester North Ward

  • Attended and spoke at two CDC Council meetings on Southern Gateway , the lack of GP provision in Chichester and supported the 20mph initiative
  • Gave citation at the Civic awards ceremony at the Cathedral
  • Assisted Maureen Corfield with her successful neighbourhood plan workshop in the Northward
  • Chaired the City Planning and Conservation meeting 
  • Attended Parklands Resident Association AGM
  • Met Archbishop of Canterbury in the Cathedral
  • Chaired West of Chichester group meeting with special emphasis on the Southern Access Route for Whitehouse Farm
  • Participated in the Economic review Meeting pushing on clarity of the Southern Gateway project and more public involvement in the process.
  • Attended the Vision Recovery group meeting where the new pavement surfacing for North and East Street is at last making real progress
  • Participated in the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee meeting.


Tracie Bangert

District Councillor for the Southbourne Ward

  • Covid-19 has put paid to most of my face-to-face work this month.
  • Andy Sargent and I delivered leaflets and the LibDem survey, and chatted to residents,  around a couple of the new estates in Southbourne; I thank Andy for his efforts.
  • At HASC I asked the following question on neonatal care:

    “It is planned to downgrade the current Local Neonatal Unit (LNU), at St Richard’s, to a Special Care Unit (SCU).  This will mean babies which need a higher degree of care will be treated at Queen Alexandria Hospital instead – with some mothers already travelling there.  How does this affect, or fit with, the Western Sussex  Hospitals group, comprising St Richards, Worthing and Southlands Hospitals?  Having a premature baby causes a tremendous strain on families, which travelling will only exacerbate.

    “The loss of the LNU will have a knock-on effect to the residents of our area, who have in the past feared that their hospital would be downgraded.  We need reassurance that this is a step which needs to be taken, rather than the beginning of significant reductions in services at St Richards.”

    Some of this question was reported in the Chichester Observer. 

  • Attended Full Council’s budget meeting.
  • Worked with Andrew Kerry-Bedall on plans for traffic improvements along Stein Road and Manor Road, together with Lyn Hicks, Phillippa Thorne and Bob Taylor of Southbourne Parish Council.
  • Worked with David James on the proposal for a mosaic to commemorate the Platinum Jubilee.  Used my contacts to involve the Bourne Community College to work on the mosaic, which will be situated on the outside of the Pavilion of the rec. ground.
  • Visited Glebe House care home, who were celebrating their 15th anniversary, with Jonathan Brown and Lyn Hicks.  It was a pleasure to be asked to attend and to meet some of the residents and staff.  I chatted to an elderly surgeon who had worked across the world
  • Asked  a number of questions at OSC, with Enforcement present, including:

    “Looking through the list of planning enforcements in Southbourne, there are a number of habitual offenders, often including specific developers.  Most ordinary people are compliant when it comes to enforcement, but the perception is that certain individuals and companies are allowed to flout the law.  Would it not be reassuring to the public that we are being fair minded by prioritising effort on repeat offenders?  This could be to ensure compliance, but also to work with them constructively to try and avoid further breaches.  There could also be a role for the new landscape officer in helping with these issues. What is your view on the merits of this approach?”

    Adrian commented that the information on enforcement on CDC’s Website is not clear, as no relevant links to background information exist, and no indication of live cases.  This should mean action is now taken.

  • Met with a resident of Slipper Caravan Park; and supported ongoing work with Licensing Office Laurence Foord on naming a correct and proper individual to manage the site.  Improvements to the site have already been made.
  • David and I attended driver training on Thorney Island for the Bournes Community Bus Project.
  • Making arrangements for a Ukrainian benefit concert on 23 April at Chidham and Hambrook Village Hall at 7pm.  Email me if you are interested in attending.


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