2022 January


Adrian Moss

District Councillor for Harbour Villages

  • Chichester District Council (CDC): Overview and Scrutiny Committee meeting - supported the creation of Affordable Housing Task and Finish Group to look at improving availability of social housing. Delighted that Tracie Bangert elected to chair
  • CDC Full Council - raised on-going concerns on removal of important strategic items in long term Council plans
  • Local Plan - Continued work on this with residents, campaign groups, community groups and Parish Councils
  • “Coastal West Sussex Ideas Exchange” (Group of Business Leaders and Councillors) - looked to maximise business and employment opportunities across the Coastal area of West Sussex
  • Harbour Conservancy Planning (regular) meeting – responded to concerns about “over development” around harbour
  • Chidham and Hambrook Parish Council Neighbourhood Plan - Offered advice to residents at briefing
  • Bournes Forum - Supported the discussion on Chichester Harbour water quality and state of the harbour
  • Renewable Energy Working Group – contributed to on-going discussion on how to expand renewable energy opportunities for local business and residents
  • Citizens Assembly - On-going discussion with campaign groups on how to reintroduce
  • Excessive noise on roads – continued work to address this with other County, District and Parish Councillors
  • Local Government Association - Attended Group Leaders briefing as Leader of Lib Dems on CDC
  • Lib Dem District Council Leadership team meeting – gave my monthly briefing


Andrew Kerry-Bedell

County Councillor for the Bourne Division

  • Organised and marched against housing and sewage issues facing Chichester Harbour and the surrounding villages on Saturday 29 January
  • Southern Water and the Environment Agency - Met with to discuss inadequate Thornham sewage capacity
  • Bourne Community Bus Service - secured £40,000 of funding
  • ChEmRoute - agreed plan to improve local cycle routes
  • Road safety, parking and school safety - Continued to push to improve these in Southbourne, Chidham and all other parts of the Bourne ward


Anne Scicluna

City Councillor for Chichester Central

  • City Council Finance Committee meeting - Chaired, including setting budget for coming year
  • City Community Affairs and City Planning Committees – attended as ex officio
  • Property sub-committee meeting – Chaired discussion of further ways of saving tax-payers’ money and cutting carbon at the City Council offices
  • Chaired Lib Dem City Council group meeting
  • City Council Away Day – took part. Objective: to form future plans for ongoing service to residents in coming years
  • City Council Gala Day and parade for Queen’s Jubilee – worked on planning for these events
  • Chichester’s Neighbourhood Plan - Met with Adviser and new Chairman
  • Paving in the city centre - Continued pressure to repair and update
  • Litten Garden alcohol and drug use - Consulted for residents and park users
  • Cathedral service – Attended with Mayor and Corporation


Bill Brisbane

District Councillor for the Chichester East Ward

  • Special Council - contributed to Motion on Southern Gateway and highlighted the need for adaptability for long term regeneration projects.
  • St James industrial estate redevelopment liaised with Planning Committee - officers to achieve a partial improvement to the northern boundary
  • “20 is plenty” initiative for Chichester. - Liaised with City Council members
  • Tree Planting - Liaised with the tree officer and City Council members regarding tree planting proposals.
  • Hyde Housing – Liaised with and represented residents in relation to complaints
  • Police & Crime Commissioner – Made complaint relating to drug dealing on behalf of a resident.
  • Community Highway Scheme paved footpath - Liaison and meetings with District Council and City Council members and officers, in conjunction with the relevant WSCC member to lobby for this
  • Local sink hole – got it filled in!


Cherry Hughes

City Councillor for Chichester East

  • Lib Dem City Councillors meeting – to discuss mayoral succession
  • Spring (Swanfield Park) community group – Attended monthly breakfast club in my capacity as a committee member.
  • Spring (Swanfield Park) meeting to discuss opening up community boxing club and youth club again
  • Friends of Guiding – Attended meeting to discuss Easter fair and Way Forward in my capacity as an ambassador.
  • City Councillors Away Day meeting – to agree Future Plans.
  • Mayor’s Sunday service at the cathedral - attended
  • Jury service - 2 weeks (so missed other meetings at City and Spring normally attended)


Clare Apel

District and City Councillor for Chichester West


  • Planning & Conservation Committee – discussed White House Farm issues
  • Community Affairs Committee – chaired. Key topic: plant more trees
  • Town Clerk and Deputy town clerk meetings - to optimise meeting management
  • City Lib Dem group meeting – discussed future Mayor
  • White House Farm School – attended several meetings to discuss getting one!
  • Community Ward (West) meetings – to address those in need and those feeling isolated.
  • Chichester Welfare Trust – chaired meeting on how best to help the Afghan refugees
  • Chichester Neighbourhood Plan meeting - attended.
  • Harvest U.K. – attended 2 sessions


  • Overview and Scrutiny Committee – Chaired meeting. Key topic: chief inspector of police to answer questions on the current issues of policing.
  • Cabinet meetings (2) - Attended to see how Tories rubber stamped everything.
  • Budget Scrutiny pre-meetings (several) – met with officers

HOLOCAUST MEMORIAL DAY (January 27) Key events organised:

  • Performance: “The Mozart Question” in the Minerva Theatre on January 14th with Sir Michael Morpurgo.
  • Film: “Waiting For Anya” showed to 100 Chichester school children on both of January 27th and January 28th with young script writer answering questions.
  • Holocaust Memorial Day is marked not just to commemorate the Holocaust but to make young people aware of the Holocaust, genocides and all human rights abuses.


Craig Gershater

City Councillor for North ward

  • Chichester City Council Planning & Conservation Working Group meeting - attended
  • Chichester City Council LibDem Group meetings - attended
  • Chichester City Council CCC Community Affairs Working Group meeting - attended
  • Governor of Sussex Community NHS Trust - confirmation of appointment (the only declared LibDem)
  • Chichester City Council ‘Away Day’ - attended
  • Candlemas service Chi Cathedral – attended in my role as Bailiff to Chichester City Council


Gareth Evans

District Councillor for the Loxwood ward

  • Water neutrality issues - Raised concerns at Full Council
  • Stop the Clay Pit - Attended the weekly meetings
  • Hyde Housing - Challenged Chichester District Council on both the poor communication and poor quality of housing stock and discussed the matter with a cabinet member for social housing
  • Visited residents across the ward to help resolve issues


John-Henry Bowden

District Councillor for the Chichester West Ward

  • Protested against the secretive meetings held by the conservative council
  • Welcomed new residents on the West of Chichester development
  • WSCC Highways – pushed them to reinstate pedestrian links between West of Chichester to the city
  • Bishop Luffa School - Worked with fellow Liberal Democrat Councillors and representatives to secure future plans
  • St. James Industrial estate - Listened to residents' concerns and questions from local students about lighting for the footpath near the university
  • Chichester Neighbourhood Plan - Continued work on this


Jonathan Brown

District Councillor for Southbourne ward

  • Southbourne Parish Neighbourhood Plan - represented the Steering Group at the Examination Hearing and Numerous meetings with officers preparing for the Hearing
  • 'Masterplanning Inception Meeting' - I chaired this meeting with development partners
  • Chichester District Full Council: argued for Council to be allowed to debate (and fund!) several environmental priorities
  • Bournes Forum - took minutes for report from Chi Harbour Conservancy
  • Member Session on South Downs National Park planning: challenged lack of affordable housing delivery.
  • CDC Environment Panel and Development Plan & Infrastructure Panel: contributed ideas and scrutinised reports put to members.


Julian Joy

County Councillor (Chichester West division) and City Councillor (Chichester West ward)

  • White House Farm phase 2 development S106: community highways requirement ii) Fishbourne site visit with a resident to view the dangerous lack of footpath from the new housing estates to shops. This dangerous footpath evidence, together with proven need for pedestrian cycle scheme, traffic calming measures and 20mph will be used to support Lib Dem intervention on this S106 requirement i) Westgate Road proposals – contributed to in-depth talks with White House Farm developers.
  • Carbon-neutral by 2030 i) Chichester Assembly rooms – furthering discussions with building manager in getting this grade two listed building carbon-neutral by 2030. On target for this and trying to remove fossil fuel dependence by this date utilising my architectural design experience in this field. This initiative will heavily reduce the ever-growing energy requirements and running costs too.
    ii) Bishop Luffa school – Highlighted the potential in delivering carbon-neutral status by 2030. Ongoing discussions at high level with multiple stakeholders to move this large-scale initiative forward
  • Bourne Forum – attended meeting and contributed to the debate, highlighting the new 20mph potential to redesign the ChEm cycle route’s pinch points and the creation of a village atmosphere along the route. .
  • Cycle route issues in City i)Centurion Way - Looking at where this cycle/pedestrian route ends with the view to increase this cycleway to the Downs. ii)North Walls – discussing closure of this route
  • Orchard street and Old Somerstown Residents Association – initiated talks with Chichester City Council to resurrect this group
  • Bosham Parish Council – getting responses from WSCC highways officers to address local issues


Kate O’Kelly

County Councillor (Midhurst division) and District Councillor (Harting ward)

  • Harting highway scheme – site meeting with traffic group and Highways Agency to progress community highway scheme to include traffic calming measures and 20mph.
  • Rogate affordable housing - Chaired meetings with 2 affordable housing groups in Rogate; mediating a way forward – whilst supporting this important and much needed housing.
  • Midhurst Area Cycling – supported the Midhurst Greenway and called for progress on the Rother Valley Way - a Friends group will be set up.
  • West Sussex County Council Health & Adult Social Care Scrutiny Committee (HASC) meeting - called out the lack of access to NHS dentistry and the shambolic handling of the increased charges for social care for our must vulnerable residents.
  • Chichester District Council meeting: argued for Council to join the County Electric Vehicle partnership – to prevent the danger of Chi District being left behind.
  • Member Session on South Downs National Park planning: challenged lack of affordable housing delivery in the National Park and called for public transport to be addressed in their Local Plan review.


Maureen Corfield

City Councillor for Chichester North

  • Chichester City Council Finance Committee meeting - attended.
  • 20’s Plenty initiative - a. West Sussex Zoom meeting: Attended, spoke at, and learned from other participants b. Leafletted residents about reducing road speeds and responded via emails and phone calls to the interest this raised. Gathered statistical data for benefits of 20mph road use c. Submitted proposal for motion at Full Council for support for 20mph speed reductions on Chichester City’s roads.
  • Speed Watch initiative - Organised volunteers first meeting. Sent out invitations and responded to queries about participating in the scheme. Liaised with Community Police Officer re training for Volunteers. Researched the data in support of the scheme’s method.
  • Neighbourhood Plan. Worked on the workshop plan and delegate list designed to gather the views of Chichester North Organisations for their inclusion in the production of the City’s Plan.


Richard Plowman

District Councillor for the Chichester North Ward

  • Challenged the minutes and secrecy around the Southern Gateway (Stuart – link to same post as for John-Henry) development at the district council
  • White House farm – Part of discussions with Development Directors on part two of this housing development
  • Eroica Cycling event - Attended Goodwood consultation
  • City Centre Pavements - Worked on solutions
  • Queen’s Platinum Jubilee – worked on plans for Chichester’s celebrations
  • Chichester Neighbourhood Plan - Continued work on this


Sarah Quail

City Councillor for the Chichester West

  • Chichester BID – Attended meeting as the City Council representative, providing updates on city centre paving plans and contributed to plans for the BID’s third term
  • Civic Service at Chichester Cathedral - Attended in Civic Party
  • Chichester City Council Liberal Democrat group meeting on future plans – key contributor


Tracie Bangert

District Councillor for the Southbourne Ward

  • Special needs residents - Highlighted lack of full-time employment for these residents at Full Council meeting
  • Bournes Forum - ensured CHC are balancing the protection of the harbour with their economic remit
  • Bourne Community Bus Service - Met with residents in Southbourne and promoted this exciting new (and free) service
  • Bird Aware at Prinsted Foreshore - Had discussions with the rangers on protecting birdlife and educating people
  • Local Ladies at Ashling Park - Attended meeting, helping to connect businesses and local stakeholders
  • Chichester Neighbourhood Plan – continued work on this


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