2022 February

Adrian Moss

District Councillor for Harbour Villages


    • Walked the proposed Hambrook Wildlife Corridor with Council Officer to better understand the significant risk to biodiversity and landscape if these areas not protected
    • Attended urgent meeting with Council Officers regarding Council Tax hardship payments
    • Meeting with Council Officers to finalise plans for Lib Dem Council budget amendments on the environment and sustainable business development
    • Attended “Community Energy England” Local Capacity session to better understand the challenges connecting larger scale renewable energy sites to the electricity network
    • Monthly catch up with Council Directors
    • Helped develop Cross Party “20mph” Council Motion for presentation at March Council meeting


    • Parish Council meetings in Chidham and Hambrook, Bosham and Fishbourne
    • Followed up with residents on flooding, parking and planning concerns
    • Attended Residents Against Vehicles' Excessive Noise (RAVEN) meeting


    • Attended On-Line Conference on What role does the real estate sector play in ‘Levelling Up’ the UK?
    • Working to resolve issues around the High Street and empty shops


    • Local Government Association - Attended Group Leaders Budget briefing as Leader of Lib Dems on the District Council
    • Worked alongside fellow Lib Dems on campaigns we are running locally


Andrew Kerry-Bedell

County Councillor for the Bourne Division

  • Southbourne - WSCC Highways Stein Road and Manor Road parking improvements
  • Thornham sewage works - organised visit for 12 Councillors and residents 
  • ChEmRoute - negotiations with WSCC and National Highways to improve this cycle-route design
  • Water resources - attended WRSE meeting looking at integrated water supply
  • Storm Eunice - helping Parishes with tree, road and storm damage issues
  • Rights of Way - resolving disputes over pathways for resident amenity
  • Bourne (free) Bus - lease deal and all Parish routes in finalisation stage


Anne Scicluna

City Councillor for Chichester Central

  • Conservation Advisory Committee meeting re planning applications in Chichester Conservation Area
  • Chaired special meeting of City Finance Committee re finance for Chichester Gala
  • Chichester City LibDem group meeting
  • Discussions with Town Clerk and other City Council staff            
  • Chichester City Council full council meeting
  • Sorted query from resident about Priory Park – resident very satisfied
  • Ongoing efforts to sort out parking issues for residents of the area

Cherry Hughes

City Councillor for Chichester East

  • All parishes meeting - attended as City Council representative
  • Rotary club Thankyou evening – attended as mayoress
  • Volunteered at community coffee club for vulnerable x twice
  • Friends of Valletta (friendship link between the City of Chichester and the town of Valletta in Malta) meeting  - attended as City Council representative 
  • Friends of Chartres (Chichester’s French twinning association) – attended annual dinner as mayoress
  • Attended Premiere of the “Over the Rainbow” film, thanking those for stepping up during the Pandemic
  • Lions Club’s 55th charter lunch – attended as mayoress 
  • Chi Lib Dem Chichester City Council group meeting - attended
  • Chichester City Council Full council meeting - attended 

Craig Gershater

City Councillor for North ward


John-Henry Bowden

District Councillor for the Chichester West Ward

  • Planning Committee. Made suggestions to alleviate awful blank North elevation of St. James Ind. Est. - i.e. the main view of it we'll all see from Westhampnett Rd.
  • In response to new residents' request, applied to WSCC for  bus provision for Minerva Heights on service 54
  • continued visits to new residents of Minerva Heights (i.e. formerly White House Fm.), received  much positive response
  • attended Consultation between Bp. Luffa School, Developers, and nearest neighbours re replacement School Car Park proposals. Supported important mods.
  • Correspondence with CDC Planning Divisional Manager re Planning Budget for 2022-23
  • Correspondence with CDC Planning re budget, and then submitted Motion for Council Budget Meeting (due 8th March) and engaged senior CDC officers in detailed discussion of it - motion withdrawn on obtaining assurances.
  • Joined the start of our Lib Dem Survey of Local Residents to find out what people actually want CDC to do. This will be an ongoing activity.
  • Chairman's Briefing for Planning Committee meeting

Kate O’Kelly

County Councillor (Midhurst division) and District Councillor (Harting ward)

  • Meeting re affordable housing in Rogate – Chaired meeting of two groups working towards this.
  • Harting traffic group meeting with Highways – guiding them towards applying for a community highway scheme to include 20mph and some other traffic calming to improve safety for pedestrians throughout the village
  • Midhurst Greenway – attended exhibition on this off-road cycle path - listened to concerns of residents – had meeting with officers to present the voice of the community – hoping for changes to the scheme.
  • Attended governance committee at WSCC – challenged Conservatives to publish the parish of all councillors so that electors are able to find out whether their Councillor lives locally.
  • Toured the record office – saw the amazing Sussex Copy of the American Declaration of Independence and the incredible archive – they need to expand their building.
  • Attended Cycling member group at WSCC – discussed with officers the lack of resource in their team – the walking and cycling strategy is being delayed for a year because of this.
  • Attended governors meeting – very challenging time for small schools – the impact of Covid on staff has been immense.
  • Met with Chichester District Lib Dem councillors to prepare our budget amendment – concentrating on the environment, funding for a landscape officer and an economic development officer focusing on the environment helping the district move towards decarbonisation


Maureen Corfield

City Councillor for Chichester North

  • Wrote ‘Planning’ section for Chichester City Council’s Neighbourhood Plan PLACE assessment. 
  • Recruited and supported four volunteers in the writing of the other four sections of CCC’s Neighbourhood Plan PLACE assessment.   
  • Worked up the plan to set the terms of reference and administer to a new, cross-party and inter-council, 20mph speed-limits sub-group now called ‘Safer Streets’.  Chaired first two meetings of this group. 
  • Researched and produced an Evidence Paper in support of the Motion calling for CCC support for 20mph speed-limits across the City. 
  • Spoke to the Motion and gained a unanimous vote. 
  • Wrote to Chichester Observer about the success of the motion
  • Offered to help with writing articles for the Noise Group (RAVEN). 
  • Wrote and preped the activities for a workshop planned for eliciting the ideas of Chichester North’s Organisations as they apply to the new Neighbourhood Plan.  Administered the invitations of a re-scheduled event at the Rugby Club having cancelled the original due to the Omicron outbreak 
  • Listened to Residents’ concerns about, the impending cost of living crisis, dangerous traffic, children’s road-crossing points, and about halting the spread of building works in the north of the ward.  Also listened to their aspirations about information boards for Chichester North. 
  • Recruited and met with new volunteers for the Speed Watch group.  Arranged for their training. 
  • Met with Residents’ Associations 
  • Attended zoom training session for Local Councillors.  


Richard Plowman

District Councillor for the Chichester North Ward

  • CDC Task and Finish group on Priory Park
  • Interesting discussion with CDC following residents query; Do councillors have a retirement age?  No-  they are immortal!
  • City Council Special Council Meeting
  • Chaired West of Chichester Group on WHF issues
  • Attended Parklands Residents  Association meeting.
  • Hosted Premiere of the “Over the Rainbow” film, thanking those for stepping up during the Pandemic
  • Attended Neighbourhood Plan organisers group
  • Two motions on 20 mph speed limit ( Maureen Corfield initiative) and Lidl /Story Road Path ( my motion) successfully passed by  the City Council


Sarah Quail

City Councillor for the Chichester West

  • Full Chichester City Council: seconded motion passed unanimously on adoption of city-wide 20s Plenty proposal; also urged City Council to think seriously about the timings of future meetings to encourage younger, working people to stand for election
  • Planning and Conservation Committee: raised objections to over-intensification of development on the Lavant Road
  • Attended several meetings: 20s Plenty; Chi Lib Dem Strategy; the BID; Friends of Ravenna (Italy)
  • Attended training: Local Government Finance and recent developments
  • Lib Dem leafleting in Chichester West: latest Focus distribution completed, and began work on Residents Survey


Tracie Bangert

District Councillor for the Southbourne Ward

  • The clearance of the Hyde building rubble in Bramley Gardens, Southbourne, which has taken many years to resolve, and it now ongoing.
  • Parham Place Operation Watershed; this has taken over two years to initiate, with me working alongside County Councillors. At last we have agreement from the owner of the land to put in a drain to alleviate flooding.
  • Attended Southbourne Parish Council drop in at the Sussex Brewery in my role as District Councillor.Enquires ranged from a suspected illegal skip business, footpaths, dementia care, listed building and allotments.
  • Working on the Bournes Bus project with Cllr Andrew Kerry-Bedell, presenting to the Annual Civilian Military Partnership meeting for the South East.
  • Working with the Southbourne Community Land Trust on the Bournes Bus Project and a possible housing site.
  • Working with Hyde and the Parish Council on the purchase of an allotment site, including a visit.
  • Bourne Governors tour of the Community College, visiting the STEM building and being made Pupil Premium Link Governor.
  • Helping remove a dangerous branch during Storm Eustice with Parish Councillors and residents.
  • Organised licensing visit to a local caravan park where there is a question mark about appropriate management.
  • Helping maintain a hedge and attending a staff appraisal as Tuppeny Barn trustee.
  • Visited Thornham Treatment Works, thank you Andrew Kerry-Bedell.
  • Helped negotiating in a neighbour’s dispute through Hyde, CDC and the Police.
  • Researched into my role as Chair of the Affordable Housing Task and Finish Group.
  • Joint Forces event in Chichester jointly attended with Jonathan Brown.


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