2022 April


Your Councillors have been hard at work on your behalf this month! We have been told by residents and voters in Chichester that the topics that you are most concerned about are 1. Transport & Infrastructure, 2. Housing & Communities and 3. Environment & Wellbeing. Councillors’ reports are summarised under these headings so that you can easily find information you are most interested in.

Adrian Moss

District Councillor for Harbour Villages

Transport and Infrastructure

  • Met with local business leaders, Festival Theatre and The Great Sussex Way (Visit Chichester) to understand their ambitions for options for improving the Northern entry to Chichester including car parking, cycle routes and access from/to University, Theatre and City Centre.
  • Worked with officers on Southern Gateway redevelopment project
  • Continued discussions with residents and Councillors on the CHEMROUTE Cycle Route
  • Attended opening of the new “Country Park” at Minerva Heights

Housing and Communities

  • Supported Parish Council on the Pallant Homes appeals announced for later in the year. Reviewed reasons for Objection by Conservancy and Council reason for refusal. Personally prepared submission for the Appeal.
  • On-going work on Local Plan
  • Continued support of residents who are providing “Homes for Ukrainians” including identifying job opportunities and help with delays to VISA approvals.

Harbour Villages

  • Attended Parish Council meetings in Bosham, Fishbourne and Chidham and Hambrook
  • Spoke on behalf of residents at Planning Committee regarding Burnes Shipyard Planning application
  • Undertook Local plan briefing with residents in ward
  • Dealt with resident concerns on a range of Planning issues
  • Supported local business based in ward with work being undertaken to protect harbour landscape
  • Visited local farmer to assist and advise on the planning application for a Farm Managers accommodation

Environment and Well-being

  • Attended Harbour Conservancy Planning and Quarterly Board Meeting. Major discussions around new proposed harbour jetty and work being undertaken by CHAPRON on the state of the harbour.

As Opposition Group Leader: Chichester District Council

  • Monthly briefing with Executive Officers
  • Attended the STEM Enthuse Partnership Launch at Bourne Community College. The partnership involves local primary schools who visit Bourne Community College to take part in a STEM themed afternoon.
  • Privileged to be invited to the Chairs Annual Reception. Met with a number of local charities and support groups at the reception
  • All Member Awareness Session on How Affordable Housing is Delivered
  • Met with West Sussex County Councillors on local issues that cover both Councils


Andrew Kerry-Bedell

County Councillor for the Bourne Division

Transport and infrastructure

  • WSCC Highways strategy - voiced concern over no resident consultation
  • WSCC Highways - meeting of new Task Group to review all speed policies
  • Bourne bus - resident information website and bus branding complete
  • Bourne Bus - meetings to finalise details of Bourne Bus June launch
  • Bourne Bus - Planning June launch and feature in Chi Jubilee Parade
  • ChEmRoute - review with WSCC & resident groups on redesign progress
  • Southbourne school - seeking WSCC funding for new disabled toilets
  • Southbourne - investigate resinstating Children and family centre
  • Westbourne - new project to make the centre of Westbourne HGV free
  • Compton & Stoughton - reviewed and resolved sign and drain issues

Housing and Communities

  • Campaigned against Long Copse Lane development in Havant BC
  • Email from CHPAG about Pallant Homes appeal for 200 homes
  • 5-year housing land supply – flag court case re Manhood appeal decision

Environment and Well-being

  • Storm overflows - meeting with Southern Water re Thornham & Bosham
  • Resolve issues with developer reinstatement of local pond retaining wall


Bill Brisbane

District Councillor for the Chichester East Ward

Transport and Infrastructure

  • Reviewed my previous research on park and ride and responded to a resident on this issue.
  • Attended Planning Committee and reached a decision on three applications.
  • Observed DPIP (Development Plan and Infrastructure Panel) meeting and subsequently commented to officers on the updated HEDNA (Housing and Economic Development Needs Assessment) report.
  • In response to local residents’ complaints raised concerns with officers on continued late night working at St James Industrial Estate and the future management of the estate and liaised with residents and officers to set up a formal meeting.
  • Liaised with the planning officer to ensure that adequate landscape mitigation is maintained in relation to the proposed expansion of a major warehouse.

Housing and Communities

  • Liaised with a Housing Association tenant in order to monitor his progress in being rehoused.
  • Posed questions to the Special Panel on Affordable Housing relating to delivery outcomes.

Environment and Wellbeing

  • Liaised with the Environmental Protection division in relation to illegal dumping of rubbish and burning of waste at the rear of properties in St Pancras.
  • Liaised with the Residents Services division and local residents regarding an intrusion by travellers onto New Park.


Clare Apel

District and City Councillor for Chichester West

Transport and Infrastructure

  • Opening of White House Farm Platinum Jubilee Park. This is the start of the largest site in the district in Chi WEST ward. It will be at least 1600 houses. Many new residents there who were concerned about lack of medical facilities.
  • West of Chichester meeting discussing issues re the southern access road.

Housing and Communities

  • CDC meeting re affordable housing and the issues of lack of housing.
  • Meeting with family and social worker whose child has been taken into care. Trying to get child back with birth parents.
  • Chichester Welfare Trust – sorting out help to those desperately in need including refugees
  • Meeting with Ukranian priest and chair of the Chichester Community Network to discuss what Chichester City could to help get help and money to Ukraine.
  • Chaired Community Affairs for City Council where we gave out grants.
  • Gave civic award to gentleman who had done so much for communication with Kursk in Russia. Sadly, this has all now been postponed.
  • Holocaust Memorial Day - meeting to organise event in Chichester Festival 2022 and January 2023.

Council Business

  • City Council – Lib Dems supported Green Party motion to be sent to Parliament requesting Proportional Representation for Chichester City Council
  • CDC Meeting re Overview and Scrutiny.
  • Meeting with members services at CDC re changes in Overview and Scrutiny.
  • CDC chair’s reception – good opportunity to network.

Lib Dem Business

  • Richard Cobden House Trustee - meeting sorting out issues with the building.
  • LD City Group - meeting where future councillors standing were discussed.


Craig Gershater

City Councillor for North ward

Transport and Infrastructure

  • Attended NHS Sussex Community Foundation Trust (SCFT) Induction in my new role as Public Governor
  • Volunteered to collect data on Summersdale constituent's perception/experiences of NHS Services and report to City and District Council

Housing and Communities

  • Attended Chichester Festival Launch @ Novium as Bailiff representing CCC
  • Essential supplies for Ukraine - was able to obtain some information on first aid equipment
  • Attended Donna Ockenden ’Spring Drinks’ also with Cllr Julian Joy
  • Attended CCC Community Affairs mtg
  • Attended CCC Planning mtg
  • Attended Summersdale Residents Association AGM

Lib Dem Business

  • Chi North colleagues’ photos in North Ward
  • Attended CCC LibDem Group meeting


Gareth Evans

District Councillor for the Loxwood ward

Housing and Communities

  • Attended and spoke at the Loxwood Parish Council AGM
  • Attended and spoke at the Northchapel parish Council AGM
  • Held District Councillor surgeries in Northchapel and Ifold
  • Supported residents with several ongoing planning applications in Loxwood and Kirdford
  • Continue to support residents with questions surrounding Hyde’s poor service and housing stock

Environment and Well-being

  • Attended a multi-agency update meeting on Lagoon 3
  • Continued to hold weekly meetings with the Stop the Claypit group in Loxwood to oppose the upcoming application.


John-Henry Bowden

District Councillor for the Chichester West Ward

Transport and Infrastructure

  • Attended Development Plan Panel. Its deliberations are confidential, but Lib Dems are working to maximise Affordable Housing/balanced with Infrastructure.

Housing and Communities

  • Site visits (with David R) to former Burnes Shipyard Bosham (a very high profile Planning Application) and also to another site at Westbourne, in preparation for...
  • Planning Committee Chair briefing
  • Planning Committee attendance - secured a demand for further landscaping and other details in an effort to protect and enhance the Environment.
  • Attended Development Plan Panel. Its deliberations are confidential, but Lib Dems are working to maximise Affordable Housing/balanced with Infrastructure.
  • Attended a Training Session run by a national planning consultancy on how to demand improved Housing design within the Planning system.
  • Attended and contributed to the CDC briefing (initiated by Tracie Bangert: Southbourne Lib Dem District Councillor) on Affordable Housing.
  • Attended the opening of the Platinum Jubilee Country Park at Minerva Heights (along with a number of other Lib Dem Cllrs). The country park is an important part of the infrastructure of that major housing development.

Environment and Wellbeing

  • Planning Committee attendance - secured a demand for further landscaping and other details in an effort to protect and enhance the Environment.

Lib Dem Business

  • Canvassing in Chi WEST with Local Survey


Jonathan Brown

District Councillor for Southbourne ward

Transport and Infrastructure

  • Attended CDC Development Plan and Infrastructure Panel where we looked at development viability, the provision of public infrastructure and I raised points about the still inadequate national home energy efficiency standards.

Housing & Development

  • As Chair of Southbourne Parish Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group, I gave a report to Southbourne Parish Council on the state of the Neighbourhood Plan examination. In short, due to structural problems with the Planning system, Southbourne will withdraw its Plan from Examination and take a different approach to providing the protection from speculative development the parish needs. The full report can be downloaded here: www.southbourne-pc.gov.uk/_UserFiles/Files/Report.pdf
  • Took part in meetings between Southbourne Parish Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group and officers of Chichester District Council to agree a way forward for the Plan.
  • Attended a briefing for all Chichester District Councillors on affordable housing provision, raising questions on how quickly those on waiting lists for social housing are kept waiting, what public subsidy is given to make so-called 'Affordable Housing' actually affordable in reality to those on low incomes and what we know about the need for housing for those of working age in the District.
  • With my ward-colleague Tracie Bangert got a report of inappropriate construction at the listed Sussex Brewery investigated by Enforcement. Though no physical harm was found to have been done, the owners were reminded of their obligations (including not carrying out noisy work at night).

Environment & Wellbeing

  • Joined a demonstration in support of a change to the County Council’s Pension Investment Strategy outside County Hall. (With the aim of getting the Council to make more ethical, sustainable investment choices.)
  • Attended the opening of the Jubilee wetland park opening at Minerva Heights.


Judy Fowler

District Councillor for Midhurst Ward

Photo of Judy Fowler

Transport and Infrastructure

  • Attended Lib Dem Group meeting on levelling up.

Housing and Communities

  • Planning issue: Attended planning meeting at which I contested the building of an oversized house next to a conservation area in the main street of a small village. It was passed, nonetheless.
  • Chaired alms-house committee.
  • Took part in discussion on roles and priorities of cultural offerings in the city.
  • Facilitated acquisition of photos for reporting Culture Spark event at Cowdray.

Environment and Wellbeing

  • Attended environment panel meeting.
  • Reported antisocial bonfire to owners of allotments and requested removal of noxious materials.


Kate O’Kelly

County Councillor (Midhurst division) and District Councillor (Harting ward)

Transport and Infrastructure

  • WSCC – Full council – spoke in the debate on WSCC Transport strategy. In all areas: cycling, Rail, Bus and EV charge points, it lacks ambition
  • Harting Parish Council – discussed their Community Highway Scheme and advised the group now the application is nearly ready for submission
  • Walking and Cycling member group at WSCC – had update on the cycling improvements planned in Westgate – part of the Active travel fund bid – clarified the timings and asked the officers to ensure local councillors on the City and District are included in the discussions. Pushed for more E-bike hire schemes across the county – Worthing have a good scheme that is working well.
  • Attended Midhurst Area Cycling meeting – pushed for progress on all schemes – fixed a date for first meeting of Friends of Rother Valley Way

Housing and Communities

  • Attended Health and Adult Social Care end of year review – questioned why the new Adults Social Strategy was not scrutinised by the committee
  • Meeting with Chief Exec at WSCC with LD Group Leader – discussed how we can push for greater transparency and challenged the overreaching control of the majority group stifling debate – eg at the last Council the opposition debate on divestment was cancelled
  • WSCC Full Council – led our group - challenged the Communities Cab member to write to Government about shambolic visas bureaucracy
  • Discussed school places and financial support for Ukrainian families with Director of Communities at WSCC
  • Discussed controversial planning application in Rogate with residents and officer at CDC.
  • Attended Governors meeting Downland Village School Federation - discussed the challenge of complying with the Gov plan for all schools to be academized by 2030
  • Attended LD group discussion on affordable housing – we discussed how we might address the significant lack of truly affordable housing within the District and how the current Conservative administration nationally and locally are failing on this

Environment and Well-being

  • Harting Parish Council – advised the Council and residents about an application to change the Definitive Map – controversial – important to keep access for everyone but the application is heavy handed and has lead to significant anxiety in the community
  • Worked with LD group at CDC to submit motion on separate collection of food waste – pushing the Conservatives to agree to this – it is long overdue
  • Attended meeting with Midhurst Vision Directors – discussed our next steps – presenting the results of the work of the Landscape Architects with the wider stakeholders and the community


Maureen Corfield

City Councillor for Chichester North

Transport and Infrastructure

  • Addressed Road Safety Issue of particular concern for a resident.
  • Supported newly formed Speed Watch Team to get underway and covered for sickness absences
  • Wrote and delivered presentation to Residents’ Association re new traffic calming work for Chi North
  • Approached Residents’ Associations asking for funds to support the purchase of equipment for Chi North’s Speed Watch Volunteers
  • Progressed with officers and volunteers the effort to find site fixings for new SIDs in Chi North

Community Engagement

  • Investigated the potential for two new community groups
  • Wrote and delivered presentation to Residents’ Association re new traffic calming work for Chi North
  • Met with RA committee members to discuss their issues and aspirations


  • Contributed to discussion at City Council’s Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group about the potential to identify sites for new housing


Richard Plowman

District Councillor for the Chichester North Ward

Transport and Infrastructure

  • Arranged for meeting with Developer Directors over the Southern Access route for Whitehouse Farm
  • Sustainable transport is a major topic in the Chichester Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group, attended two meetings
  • Pressure being maintained on the Southern Gateway on plans for bus station and bus depot.

Housing and Communities

  • Planning appeal at Raughmere Drive (Daffodil field, Lavant) = Dismissed
  • Re-elected Chairman of Goodwood Motor Circuit Consultative committee discussed encroaching housing developments at the Daffodil field and Madgwick Lane
  • Chaired City Planning and Conservation meeting
  • Helping Summersdale residents with issues over developments in Lavant Road
  • New Platinum Jubilee Country Park opened at Whitehouse farm. Great opportunity to meet the new residents of Minerva Heights
  • Attended Goodwood Members Day building better relations with Goodwood
  • Attended the excellent 200th anniversary of the Canal
  • Guest Speaker at the Nelson Society Copenhagen dinner and visit to Chichester promoting tourism to Chichester
  • Working with Chichester Community Network on response to Ukraine
  • Helped with very popular Parklands Easter Event
  • Appointed as Deputy Major to assist Julian Joy as Mayor

Environment and Well Being

  • Successful in securing the future of Priory Park through the Task and Finish group and recommendations to Council after my members motion to Council
  • New Platinum Jubilee Country Park opened at Whitehouse farm. Great opportunity to meet the new residents of Minerva Heights


Sarah Quail

City Councillor for the Chichester West

Transport and Infrastructure

  • Wrote to Gillian Keegan, Chichester MP, on behalf of Westgate Residents Association (WGRA) for information on when traffic calming measures (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham (H&F) may be extended to the rest of England. The WGRA would like to introduce such a scheme in Westgate to limit the numbers of rat runners using the street. At the moment such a scheme is restricted to London boroughs. We are advised that Mrs Keegan has written for advice to the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Department for Transport.
  • Reported to WGRA in their April Bulletin on fact-finding trip of members of the WGRA Committee, WSCC staff members and Chi West County Councillor, Julian Joy to look at H&F’s automatic number plate recognition scheme.
  • Presented paper on subject of traffic issues on Westgate to Chichester City Council’s Planning and Conservation Committee including proposal on an automatic number plate recognition scheme.
  • West of Chichester Group Meeting: Issues discussed included trigger points on the Whitehouse Farm (WHF) development i.e., what the developers must deliver at each stage of the development; the long-delayed announcement of the route of the WHF Southern Access Road (SAR); the meeting with WHF developers, Miller Vistry on 23 May and the CHEmroute proposals along the A259.
  • BID Meeting: Marketing Report Jan-Mar 2022 prompted debate on a range of the metrics used to measure success and anecdotally, we learned that shops are in fact letting quickly.
  • BBC Radio Sussex: Interviewed on the subject of SAVE Britain’s Heritage Report on the fate of former department stores in SE England and particularly the possible future of the House of Fraser site in Chichester. Was able to allude in the interview to the BID’s efforts to revitalise Chichester’s city centre
  • Delivered Report on Chichester BID’s Recent Activities to full City Council which was distributed subsequently to Lib Dem District councillors.

Housing and Communities

  • Westgate Residents Association (WGRA) Coffee Morning and briefing.
  • Liaised further with WSCC on the subject of anti-social behaviour on The Tannery site. Westgate (window-breaking and drug dealing). WSCC have fenced as much of the site as possible, but there are serious contamination issues and contractors continue to sink boreholes on the site.

Environment and Well-being

  • Drafted and delivered City Council Business Plan to Town Clerk. Business Plan is based on City Council Awayday 31/1 and is predicated on
    • Chichester needing a clear identity
    • Only Chichester City Council is fully committed to Chichester city life
    • A thriving city centre
    • Protection for the built environment
    • A vibrant visitor destination
    • Sustainable transport
    • Affordable housing
    • Engaged community
    • Climate Emergency
  • It is scheduled to go to each committee (Community Affairs, Finance, and Planning and Conservation) in turn and then to full council.

Lib Dem Business

  • Canvassed in Chichester City West Ward with Chi Lib Dem Local Survey


Tracie Bangert

District Councillor for the Southbourne Ward

Transport and Infrastructure

  • I have arranged to hold, with Clare Apel, a joint Scrutiny meeting with CDC and WSCC around the difficulties of getting GP appointments – an aspect of inadequate health infrastructure in our area.
  • Attended operations meeting at Thorney Island, with Andrew Kerry-Bedall, for the Bournes Bus Project, and to meet the new welfare officer. Also attended Southbourne CLT meeting, voting to appoint AKB as Project Manager, after advertising the role in the Chichester Observer for two weeks.
  • Worked on the Stein Road questionnaire, to get support for WSCC proposals for traffic calming and safety measures near the three Southbourne schools, to be delivered shortly.

Housing and Communities

  • Benefit Concert for Ukraine
    • I organised with thanks to David Rodgers and Jane Towers for supplying Chidham and Hambrook Village Hall and providing support throughout, and my husband David for logistics and planning.
    • A big thank you to all who supported the Concert; we had three superb musical performers: The Accafellas (who played a medley of sea shanties); a ridiculously talented violinist Ion, from Moldova; and the Electric Junk Fish (who played classic rock and punk) led by Karl Rudziak (Louise Rudziak’s husband).
    • The staging and supporting staff were superb – Mandy Rogers, amongst family and friends, was a triumph in the kitchen; and the raffle hosts Jonathan Brown and Amanda Tait did a splendid job.
    • Eighty people attended and we have, so far, raised £1,700 for DEC and Children on the Edge. Feedback from the event has been very complimentary.
  • Policing : Cllr Lyn Hicks and I had a meeting with Amy McAleese (police officer coordinating PCSOs in Chichester District) to discuss their role in the Southbourne community. After a number of issues were raised locally, including by Parish Councils, about the visibility of policing, we asked for an explanation of what the role of PCSOs entailed. Baylee Reed, one of the PCSOs for the Bournes, stated that much of his work entailed policing crime hotspots such as Southbourne Train Station. The majority of his time, however, is spent trying to resolve disputes between neighbours. Both him and Matt Isles – the other PCSO in the Bournes – can be called away to any incident in the district that needs police attention. Baylee is leaving shortly to become a fully-fledged police officer, but he and Matt will be setting up a street display and drop-in for residents in September. Amy emphasised that we live in a very low crime rate area, even though public opinion is not always in agreement with this.
  • For Southbourne PC, attended (as Vice Chair) Full Council, Agenda Meeting, Staffing Meeting, Planning and Neighbour Plan meeting.

Environment and Wellbeing

  • Engaged enforcement to act against an illegal skip business at Marina Farm on Thorney Road.
  • After two and a half years of working to relieve flooding at Parham Place, money has now been allocated from Operation Watershed.
  • Looked at tree planting with CDC officer in Bramley Gardens and Flanders Close.
  • Attended the RAVEN (Residents Against Vehicle Excessive Noise) group, with Cllr Lyn Hicks. Our discussions revolved around the success of the group and how we should publicise it more widely in the area.
  • Visited Chichester Community Garden, near the Cathedral, run by Julia Sanders of Transition Chichester, with members of the Southbourne PC Allotments Committee. Julia spoke of numerous community outreach projects in which they are involved, including mental health, offenders, dementia and special needs. Hopefully Jonathan Brown will be working with her on other projects.
  • Attended the opening of the Minerva Heights Jubilee Country Park with several other LibDem councillors.

Lib Dem Business

  • Andy Sargent and I delivered leaflets and the LibDem survey, and chatted to residents, around Meadowview Estate and Manor Road; I thank Andy for his continuing efforts.


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